Kirkdale Community Hub

Kirkdale - City of Liverpool

Kirkdale is a neighbourhood to the north of Liverpool, bordered to the west by the docks on the river Mersey, to the east by Walton Vale and Everton. See map.

The neighbourhood was developed as cheap housing for dock workers and related shipping trades during the late Victorian age. Although there has been some regeneration there are still a lot of poor quality, uneconomic and unhealthy housing stock. The relatively low cost of land and housing creates opportunities for redevelopment and regeneration.

Containerisation of shipping has significantly reduced employment in the docks and made the original warehouses obsolete. There is an opportunity for inward investment to redevelop the warehouses, create local employment and provide training opportunities.


Kirkdale has approximately 10,000 residents of which 2,000 are children and 2,000 are pensioners. There are 2,000 residents with health issues.


There are a range of public services provided by Liverpool Council, other public organisations and voluntary services provided by local charities.


There are more than 700 registered businesses within Kirkdale, who create employment, pay taxes, and contribute to the local community.


These venues are available for use by the local community, for delivery of services and for business meetings.

About us

This resource has been created from our love of this neighbourhood and our calling to help our neighbours. Where there is a need we will signpost the appropriate services. Where there is inadequate service provision we will bring together our neighbours to help one another.

This Hub is a community outreach project by St. Lawrence with St. Paul churches and is supervised by their Parochial Church Council.