Debate Academy to host debate event June 6/7th

Debate Academy

Giving children a voice

What we do

We run the UK’s leading fun and inspiring primary school debate programme, helping children develop essential skills in public speaking, persuasion, listening and critical thinking.

Why we do it

9 out of 10 organisations say school leavers aren’t prepared for the workplace, with 50% claiming young people lack even the most basic oral communication and teamwork skills.

Our Values

We’re committed to equipping UK school children with unique skills they can use for a lifetime. We believe in raising aspirations, empowerment and a culture of respect.

Simply Technique rents St. Paul’s hall

We are delighted to welcome the Dance School “Simply Technique” to our hall at St. Paul’s for a series of dance classes from 4pm to 8pm.

They are storing their equipment at our hall and the parents of the children attending the class appreciate being able to park directly outside the church to drop off and pick up their children.

Kirkdale St Lawrence CofE – Ofsted report – GOOD

Congratulations to Kirkdale St Lawrence CofE Primary school for being rated “Good” by Ofsted.

The full report can be found here:

What is it like to attend this school?
Pupils enjoy attending this nurturing, happy school. They know that the school values
them for who they are and what they could become. This encourages pupils to live out
the school motto. Pupils said that they feel safe in school. They know that there is a
trusted adult who they can go to if they are worried about anything.
The school has recently changed the design of the curriculum. These changes have raised
staff’s expectations of pupils’ achievement in all subjects. Pupils have responded well to
these higher expectations. They work hard to reach them and they are increasingly
successful in their learning. Typically, pupils achieve well across the curriculum.
Pupils behave well in lessons and around school. Pupils learn to treat each other with
respect as soon as they join the school in the early years. They are polite to adults. The
school is a calm, friendly place to learn and play.
Pupils enjoy a wide range of other experiences in school. There are opportunities for
pupils to take on responsibilities, such as being a prefect or a junior chaplain. The school
works with many outside organisations to provide support for pupils’ mental health. This
helps pupils and their families to better understand how to look after their well-being.

Happy New Year

Seasons greetings and best wishes for 2024 for all of us at Kirkdale Community Hub and Business Centre.

2024 will be challenging for all of us but will also have opportunities to support each other and improve our community within Kirkdale.

St. Paul’s Conference room

Updated hall layout for conference day and training sessions.

Please contact us for more information on hiring our facilities.


  • Are you aged 18-29 and thinking about your FUTURE?
  • Explore your ideas, gain new skills and achieve your goals!
FUTURES - a MYST Project
FUTURES – a MYST Project

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