According to Companies House there are over 700 active business registered within Kirkdale and the adjoining docks, reflecting the range of businesses in the docks area and a diverse service sector.

The excellent road and rail links in Kirkdale enables most of the employees and owners of these businesses commute in from the outer suburbs rather than living locally. This means that most of the wealth created in Kirkdale goes elsewhere but by employing locals, buying local and supporting local community services more of that wealth can be retained in Kirkdale.

Business hub:

Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey, but it doesn’t have to be.
You may be busy, tired, overwhelmed, confused, under resourced,
but you’re not alone.

Faith Driven Entrepreneur
  • Membership Directory
    • “Buy local” discounts for local resident and businesses
  • Local venues for meetings and events – check availability and book online
  • Training for Entrepreneurs:
  • Business support services:
    • MICT – Liverpool IT Support offering a full portfolio of services for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), learning centres, and charities
  • Entrepreneur Groups: Practical, purposeful, discussions with others who really get it.
    • In person or online
    • Join a group in your sector
  • “Drop in” hub for advice and problem solving
  • Kitchen Hub” –
    • for local entrepreneurs to develop their food business using same model as
    • Kitchen available for rent – St. Paul’s Kirkdale
    • Do you want to have your own restaurant ? Are you not sure if there is enough demand for your special menu ? Advertise your menu, take orders and reservations for the night you hire our Kitchen / Hall. See if you can make enough money to justify setting up your own restaurant ?
  • Monthly “Networking” events
    • 60 seconds to pitch business / voluntary services
    • How to start a business events
    • Angel investing events
    • Find an accountant / financial adviser / funding adviser
  • Inward Investment, planning submissions, building upgrades, Bramley-Moore Dock
  • Business Watch – for sharing sharing information, promoting good practice.
  • Help with applying for loans and grants and bidding for local government contracts

Employment hub:

Having local residents in walking distance of the docks business estates enables walking / cycling to work and reduces dependence on public transport and private transport. Improved timekeeping, reduced absenteeism, easier shift working.

  • Support for local Employers and job seekers
  • Recruitment
    • Full Time
    • Part time
    • Temporary
  • Job vacancies – within Kirkdale.
    • Free of charge job board
  • Job fairs
  • Job Center
  • Cycle to Work Scheme
    • Employee pays for bike from Gross wage, so costs less after tax.
  • Training opportunities
  • Apprenticeships, Sponsorships
  • Occupational Health, to support employees with health issues

Property Development

  • Finding suitable land and properties
  • Planning applications
  • Local builders and trades
  • Potential for mixed use, multiple occupancy and high rise development.
  • Potential for renovation of historic buildings, such as Titanic Hotel site.

For more information on any of these subjects, groups or meetings please email