Local Services

Local services:

  Kirkdale West Kirkdale East
Nursery Centre56  
School – Primary St. Lawrence CoE
St. John’s Catholic
School – secondary None None
Residential Care Kavanagh Place Abbeydale
Walton Manor
Dentist None Chan & Associates
NHS None Bousfield Surgery
Westminster Center
Kirkdale Center

Youth Hub:- for information on these groups email admin@kirkdale.org.uk

  • Music / band / choir practice room available at St. Paul’s
  • Drama, dance and ballet studio – Simply Technique
  • The Meaning of Life – Alpha
  • Film making
  • Oratory – debating – Debate Academy, June 6/7th
  • Leadership training
  • Game design, team gaming, Virtual Reality
  • Drone design and build
  • Indoor sports – table tennis, pool, air hockey, indoor football
  • Martial Arts


Faith based organisationsStrength through Faith

  • Roman Catholic
    • St John The Evangelist, 70 Fountains Road, Kirkdale L4 1QL
  • Evangelical


Health Hub: – for information on these classes email admin@kirkdale.org.uk

  • Movement classes
    • Yoga
    • Aerobics
    • Tai Chi
  • Mindfulness sessions
  • Counselling services
    • Bereavement
    • Marriage/ co-habiting
    • Depression
  • Weight loss


Support groups:– for information on these groups email admin@kirkdale.org.uk

  • Drug and Alcohol addiction
  • Eating disorders
  • Parent and Child
    • Centre56, domestic abuse nursery, supporting families who have experienced abuse or who are in crisis.
  • Separated parents


Housing Support hub, in partnership with Christians Against Poverty

  • Financial issues such as rent arears.
  • Eviction notice support
  • Building maintenance issues



Community Hub:

Adult Education Courses

  • English as a Second Language
  • Breakfast clubs, Coffee mornings, Lunch clubs, Dinner clubs


Elderly Hub: